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iamnathanhudson 02-04-2009 7:22 PM

Here ya go Rich! <BR> <BR>Go to: <BR> <BR><a href="http://nate-o.net/photos/TestShots/" target="_blank">http://nate-o.net/photos/TestShots/</a> <BR> <BR>I cropped and tweaked them. Like I said, if your interested in original raw files let me know. <BR> <BR>Also, let me know if i did too much or needed to do something to any of these photos. Any tips help. No matter what, let me know your thoughts. Thanks. <BR> <BR>-Nate

richd 02-05-2009 8:32 AM

If you can send me or give me access to #2 and #8 in RAW, I'd like to look at those full screen and see how much adjustment leeway the RAW files have in Aperture. BTW as a Mac guy I think you ought to give Aperture a try, the default RAW conversions are excellent. <BR> <BR>Those all look good, flowers are all exposed nicely and not too hot which is generally a problem for most DSLRs using standard metering. <BR> <BR>So whether you PP'd them nicely, manually exposed them perfectly or used the standard metering, (or a combination of the above) the cam is doing a nice job.

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