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nautiques210 01-18-2009 2:48 PM

So im interested in the hyperlite vinyl wakeskate. Just curious if anyone has rode it and what they think of it....

skateonwater564 01-18-2009 7:06 PM

its a decent board, its a bit like the catalyst, but wider heavier and griptape. i personally liked it, what else have you ridden or is this your first board? in my oponion its an all around a decent board

nautiques210 01-18-2009 10:27 PM

im on a 2008 catalyst right now. Just interested in the grip tape thing cause there similar boards

lovin_the_wake 01-19-2009 8:17 AM

I'm gonna get either the Vinyl or the Cat 2.0 to use as a slider board for the upcoming season

wakemitch 01-19-2009 12:57 PM

motgomery, they dont make the 2.0 anymore

nautiques210 01-19-2009 1:36 PM

Ya i was thinkin the same thing, which ever board i like better ill use for boat and the other for slider

lovin_the_wake 01-19-2009 7:48 PM

Mitch, yeah I know I wish they did though I like the design of that board my buddy has one that's never been ridden that I'm thinking about picking up. <BR> <BR> <BR> I've heard the Vinyl is damn near bomb proof and I've seen people just beat the $h|t out of em so I'm pretty sure it'll hold up just fine as a slider board

deepcove 01-19-2009 7:56 PM

The vinyl is a fun skate to ride especially if you like a heavier skate that rides high on the water. I would have to disagree that it is bomb proof, in fact I think it is probably the most delicate board I have owned. It is foam inside (Thus the amazing boyancy factor) and the edge blows apart very easily if it contacts a rail head on. I had one of mine split and had a buddy who had a similar blow out.....very fragile.

nautiques210 01-19-2009 8:56 PM

Thanks for all the help guys

lovin_the_wake 01-20-2009 8:57 AM

deepcove, no $h|t that sucks the guys I know that have em just absolutely beat those things to death and they haven't broken one yet

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