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wkebrdergrl 01-17-2009 12:12 AM

I just came back from Hawaii, decided to try a little surfing while I was there. It's definitely different to wakeboarding. Found a great place to rent a surfboard on the web @ <a href="http://www.HawaiiSurfboardRentals.com" target="_blank">http://www.HawaiiSurfboardRentals.com</a> , they deliver the surfboard straight to your hotel for free. <BR> <BR>Unfortunately I was forced to ride a longboard in the end, my pride made me ride a board way to short for me during the beginning of my trip. Waikiki was small and the north shore was way too big. <BR> <BR>I plan on vacationing in Hawaii again next year, anyone know some fun surf spots? Thanks.

bac 07-25-2009 9:38 AM

Nothing wrong with starting out on a longboard. Alot of people start out on a longboard for many reasons. You still got to experience the fun of surfing. Have you surfed before? <BR> <BR>There's plenty of good breaks, the problem comes when you try to paddle out to the line up and you're not a local or someone that they know and welcome. <BR> <BR>I've never surfed in Hawaii but I've still got a few friends living over there, I'll have to ask them about some breaks you could visit next time over. There's also a few guys from Hawaii on here too that post, I'll try and send one of them this way

pdub 09-28-2009 2:04 PM

surfed for the first time last year in maui wow i`m hooked cant wait to go back this winter.

westlake_waker 04-12-2010 10:20 PM

I lived in Hawaii for 4 months and lahina has about 5 foot waves and anywhere on the big island will work for your beginner status. Love Hawaii best place to live in the world. good luck

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