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06-29-2001 8:06 AM

I bought a tower and some extra weight for my boat but I still won't go high enough! <BR> <BR>I just approach the wake as fast as possible and try to keep my legs strait. I do get some good air, but I just can't get higher. <BR> <BR>When I look at other wakeboarders from the side it looks like they are slowing down when they approach the wake. And then they get pulled straight up into the sky! I guess they do that to get some tention in the line. I have tried to brake like I do when I'm snowboarding to get tention. But it just doesn't seem to work. <BR> <BR>I also think my line is not one of the best quality. It stretches a bit. I'm going to buy a new line tomorrow. But will that help or am I doing something wrong? How do I get more tention on the line?

06-29-2001 8:12 AM

go far out from the wake until the boat kinda starts to pull u back in. Then do what is calleda progressive cut, making your hardest cut right at the wake. Dont flatten your board out, just keep cutting. when u get to the top stand tall, but keep cutting. Hopefully this will help.

06-29-2001 11:19 AM

You don't need to go fast into the wake--all that does is give you distance. Start you cut very slow and gradually build speed as you approach the wake. Barely pull at the beginning. Pulling as hard as you can at the bottom of the wake and start standing up on the way up the wake.

06-29-2001 1:29 PM

dunno if my advice will help but make sure there's equal pressure on both yer feet... it makes all the difference

07-03-2001 8:50 AM

Thanks for the advice, I will try next sunday. Had to work all week so I did not have any time to try.

65 off from 60 off 07-05-2001 1:34 PM

Also consider your rope length and boat speed. I found when I went to a longer rope (65 off from 60 off) and increased my speed from 19 to 21 the wake was much crisper and rampier back there and the longer rope let me go higher and stay up in the air longer. <BR> <BR>good luck.

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