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typhoon 05-06-2003 10:28 AM

are components really that much louder or very close?

aflefkov 05-16-2003 12:00 AM

I have the same question and am going to add a nice system once I get my tower and ballasts installed. Any advice would be nice.

dliguori 05-16-2003 9:30 AM

I went with coax speakers- no crossover to wory about getting damaged.

typhoon 05-16-2003 9:34 AM

I was looking at the pioneer rev series which look awesome. John strain has me looking hard at the crystals now though.

whitechocolate 05-16-2003 10:27 AM

So You'r question would be. Is a 5-1/4 Seprate Louder than a 5 1/4 coaxials??? "Same brand same power"

typhoon 05-16-2003 10:29 AM

exactly. but more so how much louder? noticably?

whitechocolate 05-16-2003 11:25 AM

Well if you had a DB meter I don't know how much louder you would be able to see the One would be over the other. I would bet The Seprates would be able to handle/process the power cleaner (very imporant) with the external x-overs and the fact that they are using 2 speakers to do 2 things, The coax would work good for a Hull application where you don't want to drill a extra hole for the tweeter and Seprates would be better on a tower where the can fit in to cans or a box. Hoe that helps

typhoon 05-16-2003 11:30 AM

I had a good idean but wanted opinions. <BR> <BR>thanks <BR>

jdr 05-16-2003 11:39 AM

Some of the higher end "coax" speakers do have external crossovers and do have 2 separate speakers. The tweeter is typically mounted on a bracket of some type that snaps over the mid range. So, based on Grant's definition above, would there there really be any difference in over all volume of one verses the other?

typhoon 05-16-2003 11:40 AM

exactly what i was looking at in the crystals.

whitechocolate 05-16-2003 11:52 AM

Jay is right: Its just not common to find Coxal's That are ususally high quality as seprates, If everything is the same like what jay is taking about I wouldn't think there would be a dif. It seems like when they make Seprates they Just seem a little more refined than a Coaxial's That what I based my opinion on. Example My Mb-quarts Seprates are much nicer looking/sounding than the Mb-quarts coaxial's other brands could be much diffrent

typhoon 05-16-2003 11:58 AM

before i started looking at the crystals i was looking at the pioneer rev's. they look great but the speacs are about even between the co-ax and the component. that is what got me thinking. <BR><a href="http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/Pioneer/CDA/CarProducts/CarAlbum/0%2C1427%2C40~4010~40101700%2C00.html" target="_blank">www.pioneerelectronics.com/Pioneer/CDA/CarProducts/CarAlbum/0,1427,40~4010~40101700,00.html</a>

greatdane 05-16-2003 12:08 PM

Those pioneer speakers look nice, but how do they sound. <BR> <BR>Good questions, howeever... <BR> <BR>1) what is the advantage of separates on a tower? <BR>2) what is the advantage of 6.5" vs 5.25" on a tower? <BR>3) are two pair of 5.25" better than one pair of 6.5"?

typhoon 05-16-2003 12:13 PM

those are pioneer's top of the line. <BR> <BR>imo: <BR>two 5.25's are better than one pair of 6.5's. more displacement

whitechocolate 05-16-2003 12:46 PM

Dane: <BR>1) what are the Advantages over What???? <BR>2) More speaker cone Area= More sound <BR>3)No <BR>The answers are General There is always a exception to the rule.I wish I could give better answers. Example Is 2-10 in woofers going to make more bass than "1"-12 in therory The 2 10's have more surface aera (more cone) so they should make more bass. But more often then not it dosen't work out that way, Unfortunaly Trial and error or Listining to some ones set up that is very close to what you have is the best way to make your desision, Theres so much Hype You have to let your ears make the final desision, <BR> <BR>We were working on a guys car last night he installed Brand A speakers in his right door and brand b speakers in his left door and used the balance to listen to the diffreance. I was VERY suprised to hear what speakers sounded Much better/I could not believe how much louder a Just a diffrent set of speakers could sound. Trial and error my friend's

jdr 05-17-2003 7:24 AM

I think Dane is asking what are the advantages/disadvantages of having coax's vs. components up on the tower. In my opinion, assuming all things are equal, I don't think there would be any difference. If you compare apples to apples as far as speaker quality. When riding on a wakeboard 75' behind the boat, I seriously doubt even the most particular audiofile would be able to tell the difference. Speakers inside the boat, different story.

timmy 05-17-2003 7:30 AM

don't forget to factor in that car speakers are not designed for long throw, narrow beamwidth application.

melvinator 05-19-2003 7:48 AM

Hey TY, I got the pioneer 4-way 6 1/2 speakers and they sound good. I can hear them behind my VLX and I am only pushing less than 75 watts each. Ebay for $68 shipped. You can't hear the bass behind the boat, but the mids and highs sound good.

seattle 05-19-2003 12:04 PM

Ty, <BR> <BR>I just ordered two pairs of the TS-D170R model. When I listened to them in the store, they sounded very clear at the top end of there capacity. I'm going to use them for a new tower box I'm installing. The power will be coming from a Pioneer 300w 4 channel amp. <BR> <BR>I'll let you know how they work out. <BR> <BR>Cliff

typhoon 05-19-2003 2:31 PM

definately let me know. those are the one's i was looking hard at. <BR> <BR>thanks

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