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liquidmalibu 01-13-2009 6:26 PM

hey guys, recently i spent 6 months traveling the world. <BR> <BR>at home i have an iMac, but while i was traveling i would just use other peoples pc's and transfer my shots from camera to computer then burn a disc. <BR> <BR>now that i'm home i haven't been able to view or upload these shots onto my computer? anyone know how....?

evil0ne 01-14-2009 9:31 AM

Insert into the computer and open the finder and read the click on the cd. If the computer isn't reading the CD I couldn't tell you over the internet.

bankssa 01-15-2009 4:28 AM

Take the photos out of iPhoto and put them into a folder on the desktop. Then burn a disk using Finder. Works every time......

bankssa 01-15-2009 4:34 AM

My bad.... I was thinking about going the other way. Going from PC to mac you just need to be sure the photos are burned as jpeg. Again I put the files in a folder on the desktop and burn them from there. Some of the photo software programs add a few files to make it easy to preview (thumbnail files) or play as slideshow but a mac can't make sense of them.

richd 01-15-2009 6:23 AM

You should be able to just drag the files off the CD in the finder. If your iMac isn't able to read the disc I suggest you find another PC and see if you can manipulate files there into something usable. Have you tried using stuffit on the files? They may be compressed.

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