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bridox 01-09-2009 2:03 PM

I wakeboard most weekends and had planed to brave the cold irish winter and keep going so i could get ahead for next season but i find it unbearably cold! most of the people i ride with are guys who are a lot more advanced than me but they dont have any problems. right now it is generally below 0 in the water. even if i use gloves and wear two wetsuits my hands and body freeze and once it got so bad i couldn't let go of the handle after a fall!! my hands were stuck!! how can i get over the cold???? i really want to improve before the summer!

wakechic82 01-09-2009 2:13 PM

You are a lot braver than I am. We winterize our boats in the winter where I live so there is no option of wakeboarding in the winter. You might want to look into purchase a drysuit. I don't have one but I heard you can actually wear your clothes under the drysuit. It seals around your neck, wrists and ankles so it doesn't let water in. Good luck getting ready for the summer! Kudos to you too!

bridox 01-09-2009 2:18 PM

good idea! do you know if they are expensive??? lol no more uncomfortable changing in the boat! should be a good season thanks!! i think the guys have muscle on their side so they dont feel it as much! and they do flips,spins etc.... thanks though!

wakechic82 01-09-2009 3:20 PM

I think they usually run about $300-$400. But if you are going to ride all year, it's a good investment.

bridox 01-09-2009 4:18 PM

i see what you mean! i'll see if i can fid a supplier in ireland! thanx for you r help!! xox

ironj32 01-16-2009 7:15 PM

just out of curiosity - i'm assuming you mean 0 deg celsius??? either way i'd recommend a drysuit...you can get a 2008 ONeill Boost for $329 here:<a href="http://www.shuswapsnb.com/O" target="_blank">http://www.shuswapsnb.com/O</a>'Neill.html

bridox 01-22-2009 10:40 AM

yes nah im wouldn't be brave enough to go in 0'F!!!!! haha ill defo get one!! thanx a mil! <BR>xox

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