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wakeboardingzach 01-02-2009 5:53 PM

do you think i should get if i am i avid 13 year old wakeboarder that rides cable like 5 times a week durring summer and 1 time on the boat? i ride really hard and lf has worked out so well but i havent tried there grind basess. also my gator pro model and recoil barely stood a chance. anyone have any ideas on the best board for me?

01-02-2009 7:17 PM

LF Lyman 135.

benjaminp 01-02-2009 7:32 PM

What didnt work out with the Gator and SS? Any attributes you liked from them? Interested in only rails, or air tricks as well? Tell us about your riding style in more detail, and explain what you did and did not like about past boards you have ridden. And then demo like there is no tomorrow.

wakeboardingzach 01-03-2009 9:55 AM

The gator 08 pro model cracked. it had good pop but i wouldn't recomend it. My recoil 138 is still rideable but it is torn up on the bottom really bad and about to crack and ya there are many chip marks on the edges of the board. I ride really hard on rails, and i get a lot of air off kickers. I'm just learning air tricks as COW-C closed for the winter. And also i'm not really interested with a board with molded in fins. i have never rode a board with them execpt my friends and i didn't like it at all.

norcalbordr 01-03-2009 10:05 AM

Try the 09 Ronix Bill Board. Its got a slider base on it.

wakeboardingzach 01-03-2009 10:20 AM

ya thats the board ive been thinking about forever

wakerider111 01-03-2009 7:57 PM

the '09 slingshot boards have an updated sidewall that is supposed to be stronger and flexier at the same time. They also have added the dura base on the bottoms for '09 for stronger base as well. If you liked the feel of the slingshots you might give them a second try. <BR> <BR>the upcoming Humanoid company seems to be focusing quite a bit on sliders and stuff from what i have read and heard. some pics on their site show that they were testing the board in some pretty rocky conditions <BR> <BR>The Bill sounds good too as well as any other board with "slider bases" like the LF witness <BR> <BR>Lastly, maybe the Obrien Local (or R-5) would be good considering the warranty i hear so much about. sliders wont void it.

wakeboardingzach 01-03-2009 8:28 PM

thanks man i think im going with the bill

wakeboardingzach 01-03-2009 8:38 PM

or i kinda like the 08 substance grind sounds nice and cheap. anyone have any thoughts on the board?

waketherainbow 01-04-2009 12:36 PM

the substance is a cool shape but is pretty dated. There are a lot better shapes available IMO

wakeboardingzach 01-04-2009 4:10 PM

ya i think im going with the arcade by bill

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