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06-27-2001 11:12 PM

What do you people think is the easiest 3 to land? I can do hs and ts 180 grabs no problem but i can't seem to quite get the 3. Which is easier TS or HS, thanx.

06-30-2001 12:43 PM

Heelside, in my opinion. If you can do a heelside 180 grab wake to wake with plenty of air time then you can get the three, when you hit the wake, turn a lil bit quicker, and then once you have come all the way around look for your landing. I am learning these right now, I am working on my handle toss!

07-07-2001 8:52 AM

hey on the 360 come in hs and when u hit the wake pull really hard on the handle with ur back hand to get the handle closer for the pass and spin.

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