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kcrider 12-27-2008 8:57 AM

I'm looking at either one of these boards and was wondering what people thought of them. I've ridden the Hampson but was wondering how the control stood up to it.

eviltweak 12-27-2008 11:40 AM

Ive never rode either but i know people break the controls pretty easily on the other hand the hampson holds up well but it will start deleaming but you can sand that off and reseal it

wakemitch 12-27-2008 1:27 PM

both are great boards. i rode both for a while last year. the hampson has more side to side concave that starts more in the middle of the board while the control has the concave pushed out to the edge. i preferred the hampson because i felt the concave more and it helped me set my edge easier. <BR> <BR>if you are spending that much money and want a wood board that will last forever check out Sattelyte and Oak wakeskates. They are rider owned and Oak is built in North Carolina and Sattelytes are made in canada. no china wood. The new sattelyte decks seem sick. great shapes.

toxis 12-28-2008 12:18 AM

Well, if you look at last year's models, you can get a control for 90-100 shipped or a hampson for 170ish. Can you get a sattelyte or oak for close to that? I know a lot of people have total "wood" for integrity too but they're steep.

kcrider 12-28-2008 2:29 PM

Wow Toxis you are a "tool". I've looked into the Oak and New wakeskates. The intregrity look really good too. Their balance system sounds like a really good idea. The only problem is I'm on a budget so the 08 LF's are more on my budget level. I'm leaning toward the Hampson. My local shop has one so I'll probably get that one to support my local shop. Plus its on sale. I really want the LF MOD but its out of my price range right now.

eviltweak 12-28-2008 6:17 PM

you can get an oak for 100

kcrider 12-29-2008 7:44 AM

Where can you get an Oak for 100?

lovin_the_wake 12-29-2008 9:58 AM


eviltweak 01-01-2009 12:46 PM

no it's acually a store go onto wakeskating.com and ask there

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