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mammoth 12-16-2008 8:31 PM

A few people here might be interested in the free add-on week to lens rentals at borrowlenses. Coupon code FREEWEEK to add a week to rentals of a week or more. The deal expires at the end of the holiday. <BR> <BR>I was a bit slow and missed out on any of the wide-angle lenses I wanted to play with. I've got the Tokina zoom fish coming for the holidays instead. Anyway...now that I picked something I thought I'd spread the word for those that aren't on their mailing list.

bigdad 12-17-2008 8:20 AM

Is this just for rental right now or for future rentals too? Does the free week apply to January if I reserve it now?

mammoth 12-17-2008 2:44 PM

Here is the detail from the email... <BR> <BR>We'll keep it very simple: <BR> <BR>1) Place your order for 1-4 weeks. <BR>2) Enter the code "FREEWEEK" in the coupon box during Checkout. <BR>3) We'll automatically extend your order by 1 week for free! <BR> <BR>People usually select the dates so you get the items both for the Christmas and New Year's holidays , but we'll let you make up your own mind. This promotion ends December 31st, and the rental must ship before then. It does not apply to 3-day rentals or existing orders.

hunter660 12-18-2008 3:27 PM

Thanks, I didn't know you could rent lenses. I'll have one at my door in two weeks.

phantom5815 12-18-2008 7:18 PM

You should check back often for lens returns. <BR>I know a Tokina wide angle lens was just sent back on monday. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/wink.gif" border=0>

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