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chikara22 12-12-2008 3:38 PM

So I bring my boat into the shop to troubleshoot the amp problem I have been having intermittently and was told that the amp (Boston Acoustics GT-50) has a bad channel and needs to be replaced. I bought it in 2006 and had it sent in to BA and repaired in 2007 for the same problem I am currently having. I was told today that the amp only has a 90 day warranty after it has been repaired. Does this sound right? <BR> <BR>I am wondering if it would be best to buy another one of these to replace the broken one or do I get a different brand? Crutchfield has this $700 amp for $269. Not sure if any other manufacturer can even come close to this price for a 55W X4 + 250W X 1, 5 channel amp. <BR> <BR>Other option is to run my sub (W6) with a Kicker ZX300.1 that I took out of my truck and just buy a separate 4 channel amp to run my tower speakers (JL Audio VR's). <BR> <BR>What are your guys' thoughts? <BR> <BR> <BR>Thanks in advance.

chpthril 12-12-2008 4:14 PM

Check out the Kicker ZX700.5 5chnl amp, simply bullet proof. <BR> <BR>70W rms x 4 @ 4 ohms <BR>85W rms x 4 @ 2 ohms <BR> <BR>420W rms @ 2 ohms class D sub chnl <BR>210W rms @ 4 ohms class D sub chnl <BR> <BR>Remote bass control, only single RCA input needed. Should be able to locate for close to the price of another BA. <BR> <BR>Or, use the ZX300.1 that you have for the sub, and pick up a Kicker ZX350.4. Nearly the same specs as the class AB side of the 700.5 <BR> <BR>(Message edited by chpthril on December 12, 2008)

chikara22 12-13-2008 3:21 PM

Thanks, Mike. I found a 700.5 for $250 on craigslist. may just have to go that route.

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