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wakesk8er2 12-11-2008 7:03 PM

Anyone know if there are any places to get a good deal on the yellow impellers for the ballast pumps? My O.G. black ones are set in their ways and will only empty. I know West Marine has them, but I'd like to get them cheaper if I can.

stevev210 12-11-2008 7:59 PM

MC dealer's sell them, but i think there is a blue impeller out there made by globe impellers that is supposed to be better and cheaper, google globe impellers.

fbroen 12-12-2008 1:24 PM

The latest from Jabsco are the green impellers. <BR> <BR>Looser than the black, yet stiffer than the <BR>yellow, so as not to allow siphoning through the pump if you have a setup w/o check valves. <BR> <BR>Not sure on where you'd find a deal on them though.

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