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06-26-2001 8:25 PM

Alright, Sorry that I posted this on here, but due to the lack of response on the Trick Tips board I decided one thread on this board wouldn't hurt. On a tantrum some say that you should cut to you toeside to pop you up and some say you shouldn't. What do you think or do on this? Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

right 06-26-2001 8:58 PM

Blake <BR> <BR>I am far from an expert but I had a lot of trouble with my tantrum the first day I tried because I was going to early and killing myself against the wake. I watched detention and saw how murray cut and then went flat then kind of went parallel to the wake. I tried this style and it helped a lot but I have found that it was a lot to think about on a hard cut like I was making for my tantrum. The easiest and best way I have found is to start my cut about ten feet farther outside the wake than a regular jump. I build my speed really fast and concentrate on being flat just before I get to the wake. then at the last second before my board leaves the wake I let go with my back hand (right) and reach back. All I do in the air is arch my back. The flip comes really easy. I don't land them 100% yet more like 60% but I am getting better and I have seen pictures of a mine that looked pretty good. Every once in a while I get a great one that goes really big. I think it has to do with how long you wait to release your back hand. At first I thought this was the wrong style but after watching a few of Shapiro's tantrums in shafted I saw that he is doing them just like I do. hope this helps. <BR> <BR>Chris

phobic (hydrophobic) on  06-27-2001 6:08 AM

I don't know if should comment at all, since I probably do tons of mistakes on my tantrums, but at least I land them with a 50% chance, so at least I can say something. I much agree with Chris. If you cut hard, the rotation comes almost by itself, you just let go with your back hand at the same second as you cut a little back towards the boat. In the beginning I concentrated too much on this cutting back towards the boat, it's more like you flatten out the board a little and change your body position to get ready for the rotation, and it should all happen in just a fraction of a second. <BR>One thing that I would like to bring up is that I land a tantrum more constantly than for instance an 180... I believe this is because I don't regularly get enough air, which is because I haven't fully mastered the progressive edge yet. Most of my friends all get better air than I do, but none of them has yet landed a tantrum. I know I cut a little harder than some of them, usually too soon, which makes me wimp out by the time I reach the wake so that I don't have the balls to straighten my legs all the way, and I also usually take a wider cut than they do. But these common mistakes seem to have a positive impact on my tantrums. Go figure...? But then again my tantrums aren't that big... I have a clip of my biggest tantrum to this date on our webpage, you'll find the address in my profile if anyone's interested. Any comments on my views and ideas would be appreciated, since I can always use some trick help. <BR> <BR>Hope this nonsense makes any sense :) <BR> <BR>-Peter-

very relaxed 06-27-2001 6:52 AM

Hey, <BR> I haven't yet landed a tantrum, but I spent most of the day Monday with Zane Schwenk, so I spent a lot of time hearing about the technique on doing one properly. There seems to be two keys to doing one right. The first is cutting HARD! That was the one mistake everybody was making - not cutting out far enough, and not edging all the way to the wake. As soon as you hit the wake, you (very relaxed) let go with your back hand, and turn your torso parallel to the boat while keeping your front arm relaxed. This action will also turn the board more parallel which gives you the "kick" to give you rotation (the timing of this is the other key). Keep your chest arched and your head back until you see water again (moving your head will also kill the rotation), and you will land back on the board. He also suggested that you look to the shoreline when you release your back hand. This keeps you from balling up and missing the rotation. Try to land upright and with the rope near your waist. My biggest problem has been not making a hard enough cut and lifting my head too early. I land on my shoulders every time. I'm going out tonight and I might try one (I'm just getting over my soreness from my last series of attempts!). Hope this helps. <BR>Vince

two weeks ago 06-27-2001 11:19 AM

another thing to keep in mind is equal pressure on both feet when you're beginning your pop. On my first ever attempt (two weeks ago), I cut hard, made a great pop, let go at the right time, looked back like I was supposed to, made the rotation, saw the water, brought my legs underneath me and then....snap. I landed on my rear foot and tore every tendon in my ankle. I'm out for a month now. BUT the important thing is that I landed my first tantrum on my first attempt and even rode away with the handle for about 10 feet before I curled up in the fetal position and started screaming like a biotch.

06-27-2001 11:56 AM

Scott, it takes a strong man to admit he screamed like a biotch. Good luck with your recovery. <BR> <BR>I like your profile pic. Look at the great example Murray sets with a flotation jacket on just walking around! By the way, is he "leaning" in that pic?! Ha ha ha.

06-27-2001 12:06 PM

Phil, I'm not too proud to admit that I was, and still am, in a tremendous amount of pain. Doctor said that it'd been better for me just to break it. As far as Shaun, yeah, he's leaning. He has to to get both of us in the frame, he's tiny. He'd just got out of the water, actually, which is why he was still wearing the vest.

06-27-2001 12:16 PM

I've done in my ligaments a few times, once really badly. Work on your range of motion as much as your pain level will allow. It won't hurt bad for long, but there will be soreness for quite a while. Just don't be afraid to move it around and stretch it out good. Again, good luck.

06-27-2001 12:39 PM

Righto, my man. I'm able to walk on it pretty well now. It's only been a week and a half. I think it's time to tighten up the straps on the bindings.

no progressive edge, balls out all the way in 06-27-2001 1:41 PM

The easiest way to do a tantrum is to cut way out, build your speed very quickly, (no progressive edge, balls out all the way in), about two feet from the wake, switch your weight to your toe-side edge, throw your head and shoulders back, and the wake and momentum does the rest. Timing is critical on this one though. Don't try to force the trick, let the wake do the work for you. I think that tantrums are the easiest invert if done correctly. Good luck. By the way, once you've landed a few, you'll be able to alter some things. For example, I can throw them 20 feet out into the flats, or I can land softly on the downside of the wake. By the way, I blew my knee out learning this trick, so be careful.

06-27-2001 8:03 PM

I've been turning to revert lately. It... sucks.

06-27-2001 8:17 PM

Alright, do you guys change your edge or not? Soome say yes, some don't, I don't know what to do :(

06-29-2001 12:46 PM

blake... i have the same problem <BR>i used to do it really consistent but now whenever i do it it always goes to blind, it's my new board or im retared... i dont know what i am doing different <BR>what i did was try to learn a whirlybird coz its jus 180 more from my blind but so far its proving really unsuccessful

wakez 06-30-2001 5:51 AM

great tips guys i was wanting to work on these ,i can do a scarecrow and backroll but i also keep turning to revert on mine and i see why now not enough speed to turn me over on my feet so my rotetion dyes and i flop over and start looking for the water.Ill try these tips for sure but if i mess up my ankle im coming after you all !jk :) <BR> <BR>Ok Now ...(wakez) a whirly is a tantrum turned into an over the head one handed no handle pass 3 so the blind deal isnt gonna work for that trick,however your close to a Moby Dick which by definition is a tantrum to handle pass blind 3 so good luck getting that around ...:) <BR> <BR>later <BR>bill <BR>TxWA

06-30-2001 5:53 AM

Also phil heres a pic of Murray ive had for a few years ,one of the coolest big air shots ive seen to date <BR> <BR><IMG SRC="http://wakeworld.com/discus/messages/3184/6635.jpg" ALT="murray"> <BR> <BR> <BR>later <BR>Bill <BR>TxWA

06-30-2001 11:00 AM

That is some sick air.

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