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waketowake 12-04-2008 3:18 PM

Does any one have a malibu that has the salt water engine package from the factory or added on? if so have you had any problems with it. I know these boats aren't meant for salt water but i live in FL and i'm surrounded by salt.

bill_airjunky 12-04-2008 3:26 PM

I have a buddy with a SWS VTX. It's got big zincs on the stern, closed cooling, and a painted/galvanized, fully boxed Extreme trailer. He lives in the Seattle area &amp; uses it on Puget Sound &amp; Wollochet Bay near Gig Harbor. <BR>It's an 08 &amp; a bad ass boat. No problems yet.

davomaddo 12-09-2008 11:43 AM

I had one. Used exclusively in salt. I added a heat exchanger, zincs, and sea strainer after the fact. It worked well. However, it still is a fresh water boat modified for salt water use - as you said. <BR> <BR>A galvanized trailer is key. <BR> <BR>Are you buying new or used? <BR> <BR>I think of it as a salt water tax. If you live on calm salt water, you have no choice but to ride it. It just costs you a bit more over time to either buy a Salt Water Series boat or pay more in maintainance.

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