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dreamer 12-04-2008 8:01 AM

I would like to put a bimini above my rad a cage tower. If you have one on your SSV can you post pics so I can get some ideas please. <BR>Thanks

wakereviews 12-04-2008 8:04 AM

An above the tower bimini on that tower will be tough. We sell the biminis from Tower Biminis and know they have the pattern for that boat standard, but not above the tower. Here is a pic of one of my customer's boats. <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/649159.jpg" alt="Upload">

dreamer 12-04-2008 3:24 PM

I was hoping to have one made for above the tower so we are not always bumping into it.

john211 12-04-2008 3:53 PM

I consider my under-the-tower bimini as not only sun shelter but also forehead protection from bumping into the speaker cans. <BR> <BR>Speaking from experience, when the bimini is taken off, someone invariably dives a forehead into one of the speaker cans. Better it is, I can tell you, to bump into the bimini than a speaker can.

dreamer 12-04-2008 4:28 PM

I only have two speakers and they are towards the outsides of the tower so you would have to be on the seats to bump into them.

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