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mikep 04-29-2003 3:52 PM

Well last weekend I completed the install of the Download Ballast by Rival. This system is fast! It has four 1000 GPH pumps for filling and four more for draining. I haven't water tested my system yet, but it should fill and drain in less than five minutes. Terry Barrett is making these systems and he has been great to work with. He is very very responsive and has done a great job designing the system. I'm traveling for business this week, but I hope to water test the system this weekend and I will let everyone know how it works.

jsalem 04-29-2003 3:59 PM

Where can I get info. on this system?

mikep 04-29-2003 4:38 PM

Hi Jeff. You can email <a href="mailto:terry@tigeaz.com">terry@tigeaz.com</a> and he will give you all the info on the system.

mikep 05-13-2003 9:31 AM

I tested out the ballast system last weekend and it works great! I have a five bag system with nine 1000 GPH pumps. The system fills in about six minutes while standing still and drains a bit quicker. There is total control over fill and draining each bag seperately so I can balance the weight in the boat exactly as I want it. There are vents in each bag so there is no worrying about over-filling a bag or having the burp the air out. This system is REALLY nice!

jmccallum 05-13-2003 9:47 AM

Do they have a web site?

mikep 05-13-2003 10:41 AM

I'm not sure. Get in touch with <a href="mailto:terry@tigeaz.com">terry@tigeaz.com</a>. He can tell you.

chris_hargis 05-13-2003 10:46 AM

Porter, what is your total weight? What type of pumps is it running? How much did you pay? And finally, how long did it take to get your system once you ordered it? <BR> <BR>I am running two Simer pumps into my sacks bringing in 1100 lbs in about 5 minutes and the cost would be about $300 total (pumps, sacks, tubing, switches, thru hulls etc.). Just curioous about what type of components are installed. <BR> <BR>I am very glad you are happy with your system. Seem there is a need for a professional system out there to replace Hippo and all the problems people seem to be having.

hlboatsnboards 05-13-2003 10:50 AM

Sounds like a very nice job. Also sounds similiar to the Hippo system. <BR> <BR>

mikep 05-13-2003 12:46 PM

Chris, how many sacks did you get for $300?

captainfreedom 05-13-2003 7:20 PM

This system is quite a bit more advanced than the Hippo system. There are a lot more advantages. I will leave this up to Porter to compare the differences since he has had both. We took it out tonight and it is very impressive. <BR> <BR>We have about 1600 pounds or so and it filled in about 5 minutes. When we switched from boarding to surfing, we just emptied the back right bag and it produced a perfect surfing wake. When Porter changed to wakeboarding, by the time he had his board on and was up, the back sac was filled again with the flip of a switch. I couldn't think of a more perfect system.

fff88 05-13-2003 8:54 PM

i am waiting to hear back from Terry. he called and left a message and said he would email info. We still have not heard what you paid. Do you not want to say? <BR>

tbarrett 05-13-2003 11:04 PM

Frank, For a complete 4 bag system like the one Porter got it's $1,295.00. I did add another pump and bag to Porters system making it a 5 bag system. The system is expandable that way. I will email the full description of the system to you tomorrow. Terry

mikep 05-14-2003 9:44 AM

Yes, I have owned both a Hippo and now the Download. I can say with certainty the the Download is a much better system. Here are some advantages: <BR> <BR>- Complete control over filling and draining ever bag. <BR>- Hippo had one 1000 GPH pump for filling, the download has four 1000 GPH pumps or more, depending on the system you choose. The net of it is that the system fills four times as fast as hippo did. <BR>- Each bag is vented so you never have to worry about overfilling or burping air out of bags. <BR>- The system is flexible enough to use your own switches instead of the ghetto hippo plastic panel. I purchased switches seperately that matched my dash perfectly. <BR> <BR>Great system Terry.

tbarrett 05-14-2003 10:36 AM

Mike, Thanks for the props. I have had several emails about the system. One question I will refer to you on the install. We install here under the best of conditions with air tools and a complete shop. What was your install time at your house? Did it take more than a weekend? Thats what I have been saying. If you have any problems let me know. Terry

chris_hargis 05-14-2003 11:12 AM

Porter, <BR> I certainly am not knocking your system, mine is very ghetto, but does the job. I am using waterbed tubes in the back, and a twin mattress in the ski locker. Main problem with those is no vent system on them, so I do have to watch them as they fill. I have been thinking about how to install a vent system on them. Maybe someday I will go ahead and order some custom sacks from Let's Go Ride and solve that problem, but for now, I have what I have. Right now I have two Simer pumps filling all the bags at the same time, but I am also thinking about separating the systems to front and back to allow some flexibility to it. <BR> <BR>I am glad that we now have options for ballast systems, and I am glad that Terry hooked you up with a great system.

dliguori 05-14-2003 11:36 AM

Terry. Do you do instals there too? If so how much would it cost to instal a sytem in a Tige' 22i?

dliguori 05-14-2003 11:37 AM

Terry <BR>How much would it cost to install a sytem in a 22i?

dliguori 05-14-2003 11:39 AM

Terry <BR>How much would it cost to install a sytem in a 22i?

matt_dettman 05-15-2003 6:58 AM

We just installed the Download system on one of our customer's 22V's. Terry has done an excellent job on the design and plumbing of this system! Fill time was under five minutes. This particular boat also has 600 pounds of core weight. Massive, clean wake. Very nice.

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