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stevo8290 11-30-2008 12:27 PM

alright guys im starting to get the hang of my LF 4'4". but now i think i want to get my dad a board for x-mas. i dont think there is anyway he will be riding without the rope on the 4'4. i want something he can get up and going without the rope first day. hes got wakeboarding down now so getting up wont be hard. hes about 190 lbs. what board is going to be good for this. hes not interested on really doing any tricks or anything right now, just riding without the rope. what board would be good for this? thanks

usostyle 11-30-2008 6:30 PM

"i want something he can get up and going without the rope first day" <BR> <BR>I would suggest-(in no particular order) <BR> <BR>Inland Surfer Redtide-probably the most stable of the 3, not by much though <BR>Inland Surfer Bluelake-the fastest of the 3. <BR>Hyperlite Landlock- good all around learning board <BR> <BR>Probably can't go wrong with either one of these 3. There are probably others out there, but these were the easiest that I have ridden or taught someone on. <BR> <BR>** Keep in mind these boards do have drawbacks as far as advancing as a rider i.e. doing spins, ollies etc. But great boards to have in your arsenal to teach others once pops has advanced on ** <BR> <BR>"A surfboard for your father, good young grasshopper, I have taught you well..." -unknown (it just sounded cool) <BR> <BR>Good luck. You are a good son, sure beats that tie &amp; $9.99 Old Spice cologne gift set that I bought my dad when I was your age!

stevo8290 11-30-2008 10:13 PM

nice. my shop in town has the londlock in stock which means i could get a sweet deal on it. I am really thinking about the landlock for him but if you guys have any other ideas for boards fill me in, I am willing to drop the extra cash if it means getting a better board. i really want something for him to ride or anyone else who is out there with us to be able to have some fun surfing on they're first day. and maybe some multi even some multisurfing with our little cousin. about being a good son. he got our family the boat, the board is the least i could do for him. i want to see him behind the boat a bit more.

kernaltao 12-01-2008 5:56 AM

I learned on a Hyperlite Broadcast 5'6" and a CWB Ride. I have seen many others learn on these boards as well with no problems at all. In fact, most got up on these boards within 4 tries (even those that don't wakeboard). I have read that others have found the Liquid Force Venture to be a great learning board as well. I can't say how these compare to the other boards mentioned as I have never rode those, though. As stated in the post by ICE-a about these beginner boards, the Broadcast and Ride are very stable so it will be difficult to do any advanced maneuvers. It doesn't sound like your dad is interested in that, though. He will still be able to get some great cuts and other basic surf type moves out of these boards.

stevo8290 12-01-2008 10:29 AM

yeah i know it wont really maneuver well, but i really just want him and my mom and whoever to go ropeless no problem. like i said they have the landlock in stock in town and the deal is looking pretty sweet. but before i get anything i figured i would post on here to see what you guys had to say.

loudnproud 12-08-2008 6:19 PM

Check out the Triple X 5' 8" Fast Fish. Guaranteed they will throw the handle in and be cruising in the first couple of tries. This board is very stable and is an excellent choice for teaching people to ride and it won't break the bank either.

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