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johndk 11-26-2008 11:42 AM

<a href="http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=79a_1185087681" target="_blank">http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=79a_1185087681</a>

malibuboats4 11-26-2008 12:36 PM

woah.... that almost looked fake... bad a though...

salsajs3030 11-26-2008 1:17 PM


salty87 11-26-2008 1:42 PM

the guy swam ashore downstream butt naked, iirc. not a piece of the boat showed up.

ryker1 11-26-2008 1:54 PM

Wow!! lucky for sure.

johnny_defacto 11-26-2008 10:37 PM

that looks so fake... that dude is one lucky guy.

scramison 11-27-2008 12:41 AM

So everyone should add a quote of what the guy was thinking pre, present or post accident. <BR> <BR>Mine: <BR>"Well this seems like the cheapest way to sell my boat in this market."

bigkitch 12-01-2008 8:09 PM

"Ive always wanted to try wake surfing" <BR> <BR>After the fact.: <BR> <BR>"So I didnt know you had to be out of the boat to do that.."

formulad97 12-02-2008 2:47 AM


bladeaustin 12-02-2008 9:57 AM

Rumar has it that was not his wife in the boat!

salty87 12-02-2008 11:04 AM

he wouldn't give any interviews, not a very proud moment either way. <BR> <BR>could you imagine getting home with the trailer but no boat? good luck explaining that one! <BR> <BR>(Message edited by salty87 on December 02, 2008)

65sanford 12-02-2008 7:22 PM


westsidarider 12-03-2008 11:39 AM

i have 2 friends that have gone to lake powell and come home with just their trailers. that would not be a fun ride home looking back at your empty trailer

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