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06-26-2001 8:08 AM

Allright, I started trying hs off-axis 3's this past weekend. I am spinning so fast it is wigging me out!!! It's impossible to think about making the handle-pass spinning that quick. The first one I went to 5, the second one took me to 7!! How do I slow it down? Thanks!!! <BR> <BR>Ryan Viser

06-26-2001 7:25 PM

Take a mellow cut. When you cut too hard it pulls the handle away from you. And you need the handle in as tight as you can get it. The way to throw it is to go for a half a backroll then handle pass it. Think really hard about keeping two hands on the handle untill you NEED to handle pass. That will slow down your rotation and make it easier to pass. <BR>Greg Johnson <BR>-mastercraft <BR>-Portland Ski Boat Center <BR>-Zeal Optics <BR>-Bellevue Board Gear <BR>-NoFlex / Lokz Binding Boltz

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