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bsebllhglyknit 11-12-2008 4:09 PM

Im going to but 750lbs fat sacs in the rear lockers of our 08 enzo. My question is it has sideswipe exhaust. Does that pipe get to hot to have a sac touching it? How much weight do you recommend to have up front. It already has the integrated bow sac.

westerdude 11-12-2008 4:36 PM

Will you be taking out the stock tanks or leaving them in?

bsebllhglyknit 11-12-2008 4:43 PM

I will be taking them out and plumbing the sacs in using the lines the hard tanks used.

westerdude 11-12-2008 4:54 PM

we had the stock tanks with 400lb sacs on top of them, the only problem we had with that was there were screws that stuck out on the rear of the boat thru the fiberglass from one of the chrome pieces just make sure you put some silicone on anything sharp so your sacs dont pop. we had no problem with the exhaust but like i said we still had the stock tanks in... we had a 600lb sac in the front plus stock... the wake was great just had to keep the people weight leveled out

bigshow 11-12-2008 6:14 PM

I put FY 750s in my Enzo with out any problem. My boat has covers over the SS plumbing. I removed the covers to allow the fat sack to fill more fully. <BR> <BR>I even put to 750s in one one side in one locker.

snowDevil 08-27-2013 4:59 PM

So, I have the same question regarding my SS exhaust on my 05 Avalanche. What did you end up doing and what did you think? I was thinking of building a cover for the exhaust.

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