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alans 11-06-2008 8:24 AM

Who out here has made the switch? Did you stick with Mini-DV/HDV? Is the Canon XH A1 a good buy? What is a good place to read current reviews. Most of my internet searches come up with '06,'07 info. I like dpreview for my photography reviews, but can not find an equivalent with video. <BR> <BR>I shoot mostly wake, snow, mountainbike, and kid stuff around the house, 90% for personal use. One thing I liked about having my GL2, was that I would sometimes be invited to help cover certain sporting events and get my stuff included in broadcasts. To me, that was worth having a "prosumer" camera.

alans 11-06-2008 2:55 PM

Canon XH-A1 <BR>Sony HDR-FX1000 <BR>Sony HDR-FX7 <BR>Sony HVR-A1U <BR>??? <BR> <BR>I considered the HV-30, etc. but I went to Best Buy to check them out and I just cant get over how small they are and how plasticy the body and controls feel. I am sure they get great image quality, but they just don't seem like they would hold up. <BR> <BR>B&amp;H will give me 850 for my GL2, I thought that was cool.

brinks 11-06-2008 5:51 PM

Check out the Panasonic HVX 200 or HPX 170

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