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jonblarc7 11-05-2008 2:18 PM

I was just wanting to know what happen to the <BR>last drawing for the 2008 WakeWorld Online Tournament. <BR>Did I miss something?

mikef9844 11-05-2008 3:09 PM

yea i noticed that too and i don't know what happened

jonblarc7 11-06-2008 8:13 AM

bump, still wondering?

wakeworld 11-06-2008 3:58 PM

Sorry guys, I forgot to update the prize page with the winners. It's updated now at <a href="http://wakeworld.com/Tourney/prizelist.asp" target="_blank">http://wakeworld.com/Tourney/prizelist.asp</a>.

jonblarc7 11-07-2008 7:01 AM

Thanks David, <BR>I just wanted to know who got luck.

troylaw 11-07-2008 9:44 AM


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