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wakeboardnchica 11-02-2008 3:55 PM

can anybody tell me about the lake or the local riding scene?

nauty_tique 11-03-2008 6:35 AM

Never heard of it? Googled it and cant tell much but did find something saying no motorized boats etc... Hope it helps, see link: <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.highcountryhiking.com/cone.htm" target="_blank">http://www.highcountryhiking.com/cone.htm</a> <BR> <BR>it's a little ways down under things to do, under fishing.

wakebrdrnc 11-03-2008 7:29 AM

I live in NC and have never even heard of that place. Where is it?

nauty_tique 11-03-2008 7:33 AM

Yea, same for me, When I googled it, it shows up around the Blue ridge parkway somewhere. Bet it's some chilly water!

iwannawkbrd247 11-03-2008 5:34 PM

adding to what was already mentioned...if you are in fact referring to the small pond/lake in the julian price memorial park (along the blue ridge parkway near blowing rock/grandfather mtn), boats and wakeboarding are not allowed. i was just there a couple weeks ago. there is a trail around it for walking, canoe rentals during the warmer months, and fishing. sorry...no wakeboarding, no scene.

lakerider 11-03-2008 6:37 PM

Heather is right, big pond and no boats.

wakebrdrnc 11-03-2008 7:23 PM

I know of a pretty secret lake in Cullowhee. My brother went to Western Carolina and they used to ride at this spot up there. Insane!

wakeboardnchica 11-03-2008 7:56 PM

its about 21 minutes from boone nc. i was just looking at lakes close to colleges and saw the name mentioned.

iwannawkbrd247 11-03-2008 8:52 PM

"its about 21 minutes from boone nc." <BR> <BR>yep, that's the one. no wakeboarding allowed :-(

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