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aidansdad 10-31-2008 12:16 PM

our crashes from 2008, some good, others not. Missing the best 2 as they weren't filmed, but i think we've all experienced that. @ others there as well, LMK what you guys think. Comments/criticisms welcome. First year for most of us on there. <BR><a href="http://vimeo.com/2099231" target="_blank">http://vimeo.com/2099231</a>

wakeecliptict863 10-31-2008 1:52 PM

That was great very funny.. i liked that raily off the roller pretty sick. good way to learn them

mxflyer281 10-31-2008 2:01 PM

Haha I like the one at about 1:55 where he clears the wake and in celebration he eats it in the flats <BR> <BR>(Message edited by Mxflyer281 on October 31, 2008)

helix_rider 10-31-2008 2:18 PM

That was great! Thanks for the post. That guy at 0:28 had a huge HS front...love those tricks. It seems that he is the 'stud' of your crew...hopefully his skills rub off on the rest of the riders in the coming years.

tcaz 10-31-2008 2:22 PM

ouchie, @ 1:20 when the girl catches an edge!

romes 10-31-2008 2:34 PM

that front was huge.

jsuds 10-31-2008 2:37 PM

I agree that raley off the roller was sick, i think i need to try one!!!

eas 10-31-2008 2:39 PM

thanks for the trip down memory lane....that was fun!

kawaik 10-31-2008 3:24 PM

your crew and my crew seem to have a lot in common. good stuff. how long have you all been riding?

norcalbordr 10-31-2008 3:46 PM

42 sec, 1:02, and 1:20 made my head hurt. And the guy who celebrates his W2W then falls is hilarious.

aidansdad 10-31-2008 7:26 PM

guy celebrating the w2w was me. Girl @ 1:20 was my wife. HS front @ :28 is a guy we met riding one day. He was throwing all those tricks he crashed on behind a 19' sea pro outboard (sacked out of course). He actually landed all those at some point that day. Guy trying the Raley is a regular at our local spot. He throws a nice hoochie 10-15ft into the flats regularly. This was our first full season riding, and the first ever for the girls. Also got my 7yo up for the first time, but she didn't ride enough to make the crash vid. We're looking for HS/TS fronts, HS 3's/5's and at least one invert next season (tantrum/BR). Aim high, I guess...

matty_gs 10-31-2008 8:12 PM

Hey jason, This is matt. I was just looking for vids not noticing your screen name and I was like "that looks like harris". Then I was like "I have seen those guys". Then I saw the hoochie off the wake and i laughed. Thanks for the pulls this year

lfxstar 11-01-2008 8:28 AM

I watched this vid and was talking to my friend, and I asked him "Were falls really that much worse when we were learning" and he goes "hell yeah!!" <BR>I guess even on my worst falls now, I still kind of know how to fall. Some of the falls in that vid are brutal. Looks like you wouldn't be walking for a few days

zuka666 11-01-2008 10:13 AM

Good stuff!

aidansdad 11-01-2008 7:50 PM

What's up Matt? didn't see you out much towards the end of summer, but didn't really see too much of anyone out @ Harris after the FL CLassic. Next season we'll have to get you back out for some more pointers. Our riding really progressed after that weekend. As everyone can see, we eventually got helmets after a trip to the ER for a concussion (that included a small seizure).

luke_j 11-02-2008 12:43 PM

why are you wearing helmets on the wake?

jtnz 11-02-2008 8:18 PM

Sick, that HS front was impressive.

aidansdad 11-02-2008 8:20 PM

Concussion from catching an edge. ER doc said the best thing for it was a wake helmet. After the first concussion, they're easier to get. It was easier to listen to him as he was also a wakeboarder. Woring in the medical field, and seeing the extent of severe/multile head injuries, we figured it was a no brainer. It's not for everyone, but it has made taking a digger painless.

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