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06-25-2001 6:15 AM

hey guys I just started trying raleys and they are quite exciting. My problem is that everytime I take off I can get laid out but I just keep on going and do a complete tramp style front flip sometimes to a front flip to revert. I can land the flips they are quite nice looking on video...lol. If anyone can help me bring it back down to earth I would most appreciate it. Also is there a special name for flips like that, I know its called stargazing but could the flip be called a raley roll or something? Thanks again.

unintentional 06-30-2001 12:53 AM

The trick would be to grab the handle again and ride away. That would be cool... <BR> <BR>Look up at the boat in the air. Also, make sure you keep more tension on the line while you're cutting and keep that tension all the way through the wake. What's happening is that your line is going slack in the air and with no pull from the boat your board just keeps going up and eventually over. I almost landed an (unintentional) air kryp a couple days ago, but I couldn't quite bring it down. The impact gave me a black eye, but it was pretty funny to watch on video. <BR> <BR>Mike

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