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04-20-2003 7:52 PM

How much do hydrofoils/sky ski's cost new and used? Also what is the difference between the two? <BR> <BR>Thanx, <BR>Scott

04-21-2003 6:57 AM

A bit over $1K new. Used, anywhere from $300 to $800. <BR> <BR>Also, top of line Sky Ski is around $1,500 IIRC. <BR> <BR>Skiy Ski is good for general and rougher water than A.C. If you're on glass alot, the A.C. will be perfect. Much better pop in Adv and Pro configs than the SS.

magic 04-21-2003 8:31 AM

Don't forget the Skyski LE and LEX are $4K! ;)

04-21-2003 8:59 AM

Oops, quite right. Did you see the WaterSki mag article about the race car driver that foils?

magic 04-21-2003 9:28 AM

What's a "WaterSki"? <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/rofl.gif" border=0> <BR> <BR>No I did not, I don't actully recieve any published mags. Wakeworld provides all of the information I could ever need!!! <BR> <BR>Not to take the thread over, Scott what Matt posted is right. <BR> <BR>You will find that the Skyski's are easier to ride. They track and trun more like a waterski, where as an AirChair is a bit touchy. <BR> <BR>I have been on about everything out there, AirChairs, Modified AirChairs, AirChair Stealths, Skyskis with and with out the Shock tower, LEX and an Airboard... I ride a good old Skyski shock tower. <BR> <BR>I think that the Skyskis require you to use your legs and the AirChair needs you to use your back more for things like jumping. No right or wrong just a difference. <BR> <BR>Check ebay for deals on both brands, also you can try to watch this yahoo forum <BR><a href="mailto:Hydrofoil@yahoogroups.com">Hydrofoil@ yahoogroups.com</a> <BR>I'll warn you, there are a ton of posts on there every day. I find it hard to follow, but good deals on used skis come up. That is how I bought mine. <BR> <BR>Also, is there some that you can go with that rides a hydrofoil? That helps a lot. There are a couple of basic things to do and having that in boat coach is helpful.

06-18-2003 6:38 PM

Umm... If I'm correct, a "hydrofoil" is one of those ski things with a chair and you can go up and down and stuff, right? <BR> <BR>Well, I got one at a garage sale for 65 bucks... I didn't realize how expensive those things are! <BR> <BR>Dave

ronnie 06-19-2003 1:18 AM

I'll double your money for it if it is a SkySki. <BR> <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/smile.gif" border=0>

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