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06-24-2001 7:37 AM

hey guys everytime I try a toeside invert I believe it is a backroll like I do heelside, I cant get any momentum to get over on the flip. I think I am ok on height but everytime I try and flip I stall right after I tuck up and send my head around. It doesnt feel as snappy as my heelside inverts do so I know that something is wrong. I ride right foot forward and this is my first attempt at any toeside rolls. I am trying to work up to a crow so any help would be great thanks

06-24-2001 8:06 AM

score some time on the tramp, if you want help on your crow.

06-24-2001 9:24 AM

make sure you stand tall, keep the rope in and push your hips up into the air

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