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murrsm 10-15-2008 2:49 PM

Any riders that go to FCCJ, I am starting a club there. We need riders!!!! email me at <a href="mailto:smurray002@gmail.com">smurray002@gmai l.com</a>

merk_status 01-12-2009 10:37 AM

damn i just posed a thread wondering if anyone wakeboarded at FCCJ. i am starting there in the fall. that would be sweet to have a club there cause i live in st.aug and i dont know to many people that wakeboard in jacksonville. when do yall meet?

02-13-2009 7:36 PM

I ride here in Jax. Sean has rode with me a time or two. Just waiting on the water temp a little bit more.. since I don't have a suit..

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