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homedawg678 10-06-2008 1:49 PM

If I wanted to use a jetski as a chaseboat and film, should I put the camera in a waterproof housing? or is it safe enough without it ? <BR> <BR>Thanks

isler 10-06-2008 2:48 PM

It's safe enough if you've got a good jetski driver and you know exactly what you're doing. But, one wrong move from the rider (cutting away and sending a wall of water), or from the driver (slowing down wrong and taking a wave over the nose) and you'll soak your cam. I had an experience in Carlsbad Lagoon where I was shooting from a jetski, and we got in an unsafe position.. shooting a double-up, and we ended up being right where the rider was landing. The driver and I saw the rider coming right down on top of us, and rolled off the ski down into the water. The rider came down on the nose of the ski. Luckily nobody was hurt, but I went swimming with a Canon 1vHS, Canon 24-70 and 70-200 lenses (about $5k or so in gear). I have insurance, so I didn't care too much about the gear... just glad the rider was OK. Moral of the story... have somebody who really knows what they're doing drive the ski for you. I pushed my driver outside of his comfort zone, and I made a bad call.

Walt 10-06-2008 2:49 PM

I've shot from a SeaDoo before without a housing and it worked out ok but it's a roll of the dice.

Walt 10-06-2008 2:54 PM

Shooting Double up's can be dangerous. Ask BG and Scott E. <BR> <BR>I also witnessed Buffalow filming D-up's and loosing a couple thousand $$$ worth of gear a few years back. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/uhoh.gif" border=0>

buffalow 10-06-2008 3:20 PM

The only way is long range man or housing! Take it from guys that do this a bunch (like Mike isler) and we have all lost gear do to double ups.

steezyshots 10-06-2008 6:09 PM

If you're gonna chance it make sure you have insurance. <BR> <BR>When shooting or filming in the water, it isn't IF you fall in it's WHEN you fall in. I have taken the dive twice with about $3,000 worth of body and lens. Now I have a housing.

homedawg678 10-07-2008 5:56 PM

Jeez these stories are making me nervous...

steezyshots 10-08-2008 11:12 AM

I almost dumped spence while i was driving chase boat for him, double up came right over the front of the pontoon boat where he was sitting. I would feel really bad dumping someone else's gear! <BR> <BR>(Message edited by steezyshots on October 08, 2008)

10-08-2008 12:34 PM

Add one more to the lost some gear off the ski club. I second riley, its not if its when for sure! be safe.....housing housing housing.

hypoxic_films 10-08-2008 12:54 PM

Its easy, it just depends on how bad you want the shot. Most of my chase filming has come from skis. It doesnt matter who your driver is, it matters how much youre paying attention. You just always have to be on point and always be telling your driver where to go, always think one step ahead, its easy. And always hit rollers head on. <BR> <BR>housing??

bigpapaf1f 10-08-2008 8:41 PM

Yeah I almost killed my buddy. It was bad news the boat was in a bad spot and I should have looked up sooner. It sucked but could have been a lot worse. Check out the Nor Cal CWB Faction video if you want to hear the story and seen the footage.

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