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peter19u 10-01-2008 6:27 PM

I am 6'2' and weight about 190-195lbs and was wondering if I would be better off getting the Thresher or the Ja Mako. I've been wakesurfing for about a year now on a TWP Composite-X 5.0 and would like to get another board to add to the quiver as well that I can advance on. <BR>Thanks

nwrider 10-02-2008 8:33 AM

i rode the thresher the other day, it was super fun. I weigh 170 and had no problems. I then let my buddy who has about a year experience try it and he weighs 200lbs+. He killed it, it i believe is a surf freestyle board for the heavier, or not so light folks out there. He has been riding some lf custom, and like their quickness, but hates how fragile it is. The thresher is on my sights for next seasons board pick.

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