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without grabs 06-20-2001 1:01 PM

Okay heres how it is. i have my tantrums down, every grab, and toe side jumps and toeside 180s (without grabs) k but im going to possum kingdom for over a week, and i need some help from you guys on what new to try. Just some things im gonna try are indy tantrum, heelside 180s nad grabbing them, grabbings toeside jumps and toes 180s, but what is the big trick i know 3's which i almost have odwn but what are a couple flips that people find the easiest? thnx

06-20-2001 3:23 PM

I'm not doing inverts yet, but seems like going to HS &amp; TS rolls next would be a good bet? The thing I like about rolls is that you can hang on to the handle with both hands all the way through the trick. Can't wait till I learn 'em! If you're feeling cocky, try your Tantrum to blind! <BR> <BR>Enjoy, <BR> <BR>-- Perry

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