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06-20-2001 11:10 AM

It seems lately that I cant do a normal BS jump and have good body positioning in the air. I ride behind a Wakesetter w/ wedge and can get 5-7 feet of air, BUT my feet seem to get kicked out behind me every time.. I dont know what it is, or if its just a bad habit thats forming. Last year my knees hurt alot from high landings, so I'm thinking that I changed my form to avoid hard landings.......ANY ADVICE ????? Thanks!!!

06-20-2001 6:55 PM

Scott, I'm doing the same thing but not every time. That is what we need to do back roll and air rallies. I'm not shur but I think we are loading the line up good, and that is what makes our feet to kick back.

06-22-2001 8:31 AM

what you need to do is make sure and stand up tall when you leave the wake. Also if your feet are kicking back then you are edging to hard into the wake as if you are setting up for a raley. Remember, you only need a progressive edge to do a normal wake jump. Speed is not a factor but form. Hope this helps.

07-06-2001 6:58 PM

just remember to use your knees and hips as shock absorbers when going up the wake and on landings. this should help with the knee problem you've been having and help keep a good position when u r going up the wake. <BR> <BR>later, <BR>bb

07-10-2001 6:55 PM

make sure you keep the handle in close to your body

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