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robandrus 09-18-2008 6:01 PM

So not many reviews on this board. Looks pretty awesome....Anybody have one?

kcrider 09-18-2008 7:07 PM

I've ridden it quite a few times this year and will Definetly be buying one next year. Its a fun all around board. Its not going to pop like a normal board, but the flex is good and you can ride it completely finless which is great for getting out there and sliding around. Oh ya, it ROCKS on the sliders. Its going to be my second, fun board when I'm just looking to go out and slide around.

kcrider 09-18-2008 7:08 PM

P.S. The new and old graphics are SICK!! Mikey is the man.

09-18-2008 7:11 PM

i dont have one but ive got to ride the 136 quite a bit. I love that board, its so fun. it pops really good and the landings are super soft. its not too great in really rough water and also it has a gnarly sharp edge so you will be takin some nice faceplants. but overall i definetly recomend this board. you should give it a try

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