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lfrider92 09-18-2008 8:17 AM

ive got the lyman and i cant figure out how the two removable fins are able to be moved! the fin has 2 wholes and same with the board.... if you have the board and know how to move the fins. leave a comment. haha. thanks

dakid 09-18-2008 8:23 AM

"removable" as in you can take 'em off if you want.

lfrider92 09-18-2008 8:25 AM

no i know i can take them off. but in the video talking about lymans board. it says you can move the 2 center fins foward or back. back for a more stable right or forward to release off the wake better. watch the video on the board at liquidforce.com <BR>thats what im trying to figure out

seankey 09-18-2008 8:49 AM

I think you have to purchase the movable fins. Not sure where though. I would send liquid an email.

uppledup17 09-18-2008 9:55 AM

I am pretty sure Keith posted on here that the board was suppose to have adjustable fins but it was to late to change it when they were pressed. I believe he said they will be adjustable in 09' and I am curious what his "fly" core is all about. His website show a short vid of him riding it.

wakeworld 09-18-2008 9:59 AM

That video was actually shot before they finished the Lyman for 2008 (I'm assuming that's the board you have) and they ended up not having enough time to get that feature dialed before they released the board, so it was dropped. However, it is available in the 2009 version of the board, which should be out soon.

caseman1322 09-19-2008 7:58 AM

Keith said at the surf expo last weekend that they weren't able to get it worked out before the boards went into production last year but he and Jimmy redmond are trying to get it worked out before the 09 boards come out

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