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zack21v 09-17-2008 7:03 PM

Iím looking for owners mainly but if you are working for a wakeboard, Skateboard, or Surfboard affiliated company (retail or Manufacture) I could use your help. I have been assigned to ask 10 to 15 questions to an owner or manager, if you are just an everyday employee but you can answer any of these questions, please do. <BR> <BR>BTW it's for a High School business class. <BR> <BR>1)How did you get started in this field? <BR> <BR>2)How did you get funded? <BR> <BR>3)How much did it originally cost to start? <BR> <BR>4)How did you select your location? <BR> <BR>5)Why did you choose this field? <BR> <BR>6)How many employees do you have, if any? <BR> <BR>7)What Kind of benefits do you offer to employees? <BR> <BR>8)Who is your main target market? <BR> <BR>9)What qualifications were needed for your business? <BR> <BR>10)Do you have any ideas to offer me? <BR> <BR>11)Do you believe your business will be a success and worthwhile?

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