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mattstrykul 09-16-2008 4:49 PM

Quick video of some weekend fun with me and my brother. I know it's nothin amazing but it was all fun. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" border=0> <BR>What went wrong on my raley? What can I do to land it? That was my first attempt ever at it. I practiced alot on the wakeskate raley to break myself into it but when I tried it on the wakeboard I just dunno. I don't think I jumped right, maybe it was the cut. If only I regrabbed the handle haha. I almost landed on the board again. <BR> <BR><a href="http://media.putfile.com/wakeboarding-37-40" target="_blank">http://media.putfile.com/wakeboarding-37-40</a>

dcdman67 09-16-2008 6:24 PM

I would say that you need to get a little more pop. I think to do that you need to transition to your toes while riding up the wake. Looks like you are standing tall, so that is good. <BR> <BR>One main thing that I can see is that you started to try and look to the shore which caused you to rotate. When you did it on the wakeskate it looked like you kept your eyes on the tower. If you look away at all, you will start to rotate. Keep your eyes on the tower! <BR> <BR>I have the few that I have tried, but I have only tried 3. Someone who has them dialed can probably chime in and tell you exactly what you are doing wrong. You are almost there though.

tinytdubb 09-16-2008 6:26 PM

Way to charge it man! Good stuff. I'm guessing that many will suggest that you keep your eye on the tower (this coming from a guy who has never attempted one). Good luck

mattstrykul 09-16-2008 7:21 PM

I definetly did look down at my landing right after I looked at the tower, that probably was my problem. Next time I'll just look at the tower more. Thanks guys.

wakeboardlf25 09-16-2008 7:57 PM

its important to cut at wake with equal weight on both feet and at bottom of wake i start to roll to my toes and think of doing a really big wake jump..think of just getting as much air as possible and let your hips out then just look at tower and pull the handle down....once you stick it one time you realize how easy of a trick it is

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