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lfrider92 09-16-2008 2:54 PM

Im Thinking about buying either a Watson or a Lyman Board. All i ride is Liquid force so no hyperlite recomedations would be appreciated. (laughs) <BR>but seriously. if you have ridden both or even one or the other. which board would you recomend for an intermediate rider trying to become advanced <BR> <BR>Thanks in advance <BR>David <BR><a href="mailto:Lfrider92@gmail.com">Lfrider92@gmail. com</a>

dakid 09-16-2008 3:03 PM

watson - big pop (takes you more up than out), ok landings, on the slow side <BR>lyman - big pop (takes you more out than up), soft landings, on the fast side

09-16-2008 3:06 PM

the watson and the lyman are my favorite boards. i like the lyman better but i can spin really good on the watson. they both have good landings and both pop huge

steezyshots 09-16-2008 3:11 PM

I'd try the Hyperlite Sub 6.. Just kiddin man! Go with the watson!

lfrider92 09-16-2008 3:20 PM

haha ya ya ya. i knew id get some crack about a hyperlite. haha <BR>thanks for your input if you replied. <BR>go ahead and laugh it up here. but i ride a synergy 137. i can back roll on it but its extremly difficult. i cant get the pop i want. <BR>im trying to find out which board to get. Lyman is my favorite rider and ive heard a ton of great things about the board. but ive also heard great things about the watson. <BR>Any other input would be great. <BR>No matter the board ill be putting the 08 Shane bindings on it

romes 09-16-2008 3:23 PM

the lyman is FAST as hell and loose. i love it.

jsweat 09-16-2008 3:29 PM

do you like a slow board with a lot of upward pop? or do you like a fast board that will send you to the flats?? the fist thing you have to do is figure out your riding style and then we will help you decide on a board to match your style. if you dont exactly know your style and want to pick up a board that can help you define your style then pick the one you think you will like more. there are a lot of factors that go into picking a board and actually getting the board that fits you rather than getting one and hating it and having to get something else. like for instance i like to go big and land out in the flats, i also ride around 27mph with an 88' rope, i chose the 2007 legend from gator boards cuz it fit my style.

pogi 09-16-2008 3:49 PM

I haven't ridden the Lyman but I've heard it is similar to the Shane. I own a Shane 140 and rode a Watson 138 last night for the first time. It sends you straight up a lot more than the Shane does. The Shane lands a lot softer, I don't know if this is because of the way it pops differently or because the bottom of the board is different, but either way there is a noticeable difference. I always thought I'd like the board with the most straight up pop, but I was wrong. I prefer the Shane, the pop is a lot easier to adjust to, and landing tricks is easier because of the softer landings. If you are having troubles getting good pop you might want the Watson otherwise go with the Lyman or Shane.

skelley19 09-16-2008 4:06 PM

You also might want to try riding Soven's board the PS3 because I think that kind of falls in between the Watson and the Lyman although I haven't ridden the Lyman. I thought it was a little faster than the Watson and the landings seemed a little easier but the Watson definitely has more of a drastic straight up pop. The PS3 fits my riding style perfect but your best bet is to ride a few if you can and figure out what works best for you. Good luck! <BR> <BR>As an FYI the 2009 Soven board has been re-shaped, my experiences are with the older shape.

ghostrider_2 09-16-2008 4:32 PM

I ride the Watson and my friend rides the Lyman. We see the difference as everybody is saying the Watson is more vert than the Lyman and the Lyman has more carry than the Watson. I think the Lyman ride like a big brother to the PS3 which I used to ride. Like others say go with your style of riding then find the board for you.

salsajs3030 09-16-2008 4:37 PM

You should look in to the Shane too...

megatmoe 09-16-2008 8:11 PM

Ive ridden all 3. I just sold my 07 Shane 140 and bought the 08 Watson 142. I like both boards alot. The Shane is shorter but wider and the Lyman 143 is also nice but the stance set up is alittle different. Its set wider which is not a big deal but it takes awhile to get used to. You cant go wrong with any of these boards. If you are over 6'2 200 pounds I would go with the Lyman.

nautiquetrevo 09-16-2008 9:41 PM

Lyman board is fast and has big pop i recommend it!

lfrider92 09-17-2008 9:05 AM

thanks all who posted, my dad being awesome as he is. decided to get both. haha. he wants the watson and i want the lyman more. <BR>so he is going to our local pro shop and getting the lyman 139 with shane closed toe for me. and he is getting the watson with the open toe shne for him. my stokeomoter is through the roof!

xtrmeboarder3 09-17-2008 1:15 PM

i purchased the lyman 143, im 6 foot and weigh 175-180 pounds. ive been used to riding smaller boards, so i felt the 143 was just a bit large for me, i sold it. i now purchased the 139 lyman and the 138 watson. im going out this evening at 5 to test both boards. il post my thoughts later...

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