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robertr720 09-11-2008 11:51 AM

Alright, I know that there is a post of this in the wake disscusion forum but I thought I would put it here. I really just started to try this trick but have wanted it in the bag for a while. Anyway I was trying them last night and was finally able to get them behind me but for some reason I ripped both of them back to fakie, switch, whatever you want to call it and landed them. I thought I was gonna die both times so I really tried not to let myself pull the handle across my body on the next couple, but then they wouldn't drift out the back as far, or at all really. It has been driving me nuts all morning and I can't seem to put my finger on what I was doing wrong. Maybe just to tired. Just wondering if anyone else has had the same troubles with this trick and what they might have done to fix it. <BR> <BR>And for those looking to try them, I have read alot that you really need to push off your back foot to get the board up and out, but for me loading the line with my front foot and hand sent me packing everytime. I was sill pushing hard off of my back but loading hard on my front and making sure to hold my edge all the way through the wake.

focker 09-16-2008 11:21 AM

Very progressive edge on this for me with about 60% weight on my back foot. What really helped me with this was, after edging up through the wake, allowing my knees to come up in front of my chest before letting it kick out the back. As with any raley trick, the line tension created by a very progressive edge is the key here. It was easier for me to learn them with a slower cut and edging up hard through the wake to take me more vertical rather than further into the flats. <BR> <BR>Some people say to 'slowly let it drift' back until it becomes a batwing. That way didn't work for me at all, as I got slammed when I got stuck about a quarter of the way <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0>. I'm sure someone who this method worked for will chime in though.

hawaiianstiln 09-19-2008 2:25 PM

Man I really wanted to start trying these, but it appears to be intense as it looks. <BR> <BR>When you approach the wake as you guys mention, does all this technique allow your board to automatically kick back behind you (naturally) or do you have to kick it back. I'm trying to picture this with a normal railey as it kicks it back for me without me doing anything. I'm thinking the TS railey is a lot different (or batwing) <BR> <BR>(Message edited by hawaiianstiln on September 19, 2008)

hawaiianstiln 09-19-2008 2:31 PM

oh and the first time I tried this about 4 years ago, I edged in like I read (like you guys say) and it sent me into a HUGE layed out TS backroll with a nice dismount of a belly flop. Knocked me out actually

dizzyj 09-23-2008 9:07 AM

Keith, <BR> <BR>thats what happened to me when I tried a ts railey. <BR> <BR>do yall initiate at all like a ts backroll? I can land ts roll to re's so I thought I should give it a try

romes 09-23-2008 9:51 AM

i've been doing a lot of o/a half cabs as of late to get the feel for the end of this move. <BR> <BR>i still can't initiate it off the wake. i just can't for the life of me figure it out. i think i'm too stiff when i come off the top of the wake. any advice?

lakeislife 03-02-2009 6:11 PM

what I do to make sure I don't throw mine to back roll is use a heavy progressive edge and make sure I look down the line...I also use the grab to keep me from drifting too far back (because I can't do a ts raley! ;P lol) <BR> <BR>hope I could help! \../(>.<)\../

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