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sexyws6mama 09-08-2008 10:47 AM

So, I am a very active person. Meaning I teach Dance all day long and run everyday, but when I wakeboard once a week (usually for 3/4 hours), the next day I'm super sore... Does this happen to everyone? I mean I stretch a little before I go wakeboarding, mostly back and neck but the day after wakeboarding is so difficult....with all the soreness and on top that I have to go back dancing!!! <BR> <BR>anyone else? I guess I am pushing myself out there...I feel it!!!!

rnopr8 09-08-2008 11:50 AM

I get sore for the first week I start back every year but that's usually it. If I have a bad fall I may get a stiff neck for a day or so or sore abs but I go back the next day anyway and it goes away. I have discovered that there is no other activity you can do that will use the muscles you use for wakeboarding the same way as wakeboarding. I work out too but it's just not the same.

wakechic06 09-08-2008 12:44 PM

I get sore the first few rides of the summer when I wakeboard. I haven't riden once this summer due to shoulder surgery but went wakeskating the other day for a few short runs and my shoulders and upper back are soooo sore; it's bad. Granded I knew this was going to happen but they hurt to the touch! Takes a lot out of you and uses a lot of different musles than other sports. But I still love it!!!

sexyws6mama 09-08-2008 1:10 PM

yes, i noticed that wakeboarding definelty uses different muscles than my dancing. I'm used to my legs just being sore, but wakeboarding my upper and lower back, my arms and legs...but it's all worth it. <BR> <BR>I wish I could go wakeboarding everyday, but only Sundays!!! But I make the most of it...

lizrd 09-08-2008 3:20 PM

This happens to me in the beginning of the year but then quickly eases. Everyone on my boat has a different body part that goes before the others. For me it is my grip and forearms. <BR> <BR>Since you are so fit and overall healthy, you might want to videotape yourself if you can. That way you can evaluate your posture while you are riding. Better form while you ride definitely decreases soreness. By checking yourself out on video you might see that you are craning your neck funny or holding your back awkwardly. Then the next time you are out you can try to remedy your stance.

aliwake 09-08-2008 6:32 PM

I still get sore every single week <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0> <BR>I only get to ride once a week so that probably explains why I can't really get into riding condition. <BR>I usually hobble around work on mondays with all my muscles screaming at me! <BR>i definitely wish I could ride more - I'm sure it would help.

sexyws6mama 09-09-2008 7:07 AM

I definetly need to videotape!! thanks for the idea! Yeah, I got lower back problems, so that is the first to hurt. <BR> <BR>It's 2 days after wakeboarding and I'm all good now. <BR> <BR>I think wakeboarding all day and then doing hip hop dancing for 2 hours afterward just added soreness to me!!!

littewend 09-09-2008 4:56 PM

I get out once a week and tend to be a little sore as well. I'm a pretty fit person, but I normally have a little soreness in my lower back from bad posture when I do something sketchy, panic, lean forward, then get it back. I did an awesome faceplant during a superfast turn around over some chop and now I have the worst reverse whip-lash and bruise over my eye.

goldilocks 09-10-2008 8:20 AM

I was sore for the first week this year, and if I haven't boarded in a week I get tired pretty quick. Now I only get sore if I take a bad crash which, thank goodness, does not happen too often anymore.

jujube 09-10-2008 6:46 PM

I find being a softball catcher helps strengthen the same muscles used in wakeboarding. <BR> <BR>nothing helps the face plant soreness, tho....<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/wink.gif" border=0>

sexyws6mama 09-10-2008 7:27 PM

Well mostly the day after sucks, so I'm better now. I just went wakeboarding tonight and really didn't crash, so I'll see if I'm sore tomorrow. (I did dance all day though and ran again!)

caco 10-17-2008 1:01 AM

I would have to agree with AliceW... <BR>It does not matter how often I ride, it will still hurt the day after. I guess the stronger I feel, the harder I ride <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/biggrin.gif" border=0> <BR>I mostly get sore shoulders/arms/hands <BR>However, lower back pains tend to come from a bad posture... you probably ride with your ass pointing too much behind you... I don't know if you see what I means : you have to reverse your hips forward and keep your ass as close as possible to a line made by your feet and shoulder... <BR>I hope it helps...

sexyws6mama 10-17-2008 8:15 AM

Yeah, now that I ride every weekend, really my ribs hurt and upper back area. My back only gets tight (from a previous dance injury). <BR> <BR>I was super sore last Sunday because I pushed hard for hours!!

bmr82 12-06-2008 8:41 AM

don't worry about stretching before you ride. Do your stretching after you ride. You want to slowly warm your muscles up before you ride. Try swimming for a while before you ride.

sexyws6mama 12-18-2008 6:07 PM

Sweet. Thanks!

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