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lugwrench 09-05-2008 9:35 AM

I'm looking at trying out a used d3 custom but don't know if my bindings will fit. I have 05 Connelly vision bindings. The ski currently has an obrien front and ho rear. Anybody know if Connelly bindings will fit the D3's? <BR> <BR>Thanks

bbeach 09-05-2008 11:26 AM

Depends on if the D3 Custom has an HO hole pattern, if not you can switch plates on your bindings.

boarditup 09-07-2008 5:55 PM

Most D3 uses the Connelly/KD hole pattern. It should fit easily

lugwrench 09-12-2008 8:46 AM

Well, the bindings line up nicely except one insert is missing. What's the protocol with replacing an insert or drilling a new hole?

lugwrench 09-17-2008 7:58 AM

Well, got a new insert put in and got my first run on it this morning. Didn't set a personal best but the ski is fast, really fast. It has a much more abrupt turn than my connelly that will take some getting used to. It also seems to chatter, (for lack of a better word) in the turn because I think it is so much lighter than what I'm used to. All in all I think it could work for me, it seems to carry speed really well once I get on my inside edge and I was getting a little wider at 1,3,5 (well, didn't make it to 5 but you get the point).

behindtheboat 09-17-2008 8:19 AM

That "chatter" is probably you taking your body into the turn early and before the ski. With that abrupt turn, you may be anticipating it and throwing your body to get ready for it. Just turn the ski completely, let it come around, instead of driving your body into the buoy. Glad you like it, I've been thinking of trying one.

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