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brinks 09-01-2008 7:13 PM

Check out the new portfolio site. I'm still working on it and will continue to update it. It was a class project and we had some requirements that had to be met. (12 blog posts in 2 days) So sorry for the nonsense blogs and such. Here it is, check it out and let me know what you think. <BR><a href="http://www.brettbrinkerhoff.com" target="_blank">www.brettbrinkerhoff.com</a>

bigdad 09-02-2008 8:34 AM

My first impression - Nice colors, nice graphics but as soon as it loaded on my browser, I was hit with a huge paragraph of words. My eyes immediately went elsewhere to look for something less imposing. Take a look at wakeworld.com and other quality websites. Lot of information there but it comes in small snipets. Today's world is all about information short and fast. Let the reader click a link to learn more about you and not be the first thing they see. I know for some photographer and videographer sites, they showcase some of their galleries in the opening page and then have a "button" that you click to learn more about them. <BR> <BR>But even there be choosy. Your description of yourself is very wordy. Seems more of a fluff piece and some wordsmithing can make it more readable. <BR> <BR>I just worked on the first part to show you what I mean: <BR> <BR>Welcome to the portfolio site of Brett Brinkerhoff. I graduated Scottsdale Community College Film institute and currently enrolled at Full Sail University. My main focus in school is Motion Graphics / 3D Animation and I have a background in film production. <BR> <BR>Cinematography and videography is basically the same thing. But all three is film production or video production.

brinks 09-02-2008 10:41 AM

Thanks for the feedback. Like I said there were some annoying requirements, one being a 1-2 paragraph about section above the fold on the home page. That is one of the first things that will be changed as I have more time. Thank you for the comments.

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