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06-18-2001 6:55 PM

i donno where to go! where is the best place to wakeboard on lake travis? if anyone out there can offer me a pull, please let me know

06-19-2001 8:25 AM

Jacqueline, I wouldn't recommend Travis for wakeboarding. Nice party lake though. <BR> <BR>Try Lake Austin or the Perd.

06-19-2001 12:44 PM

The Perdenales feeds into the top of Lake Travis. This is probably the best water in Austin when the wind isn't too rough. Of coarse, early morning runs on Lake Austin are usually nice and buttery, but you've got to get out early before all the other people get out there and mess it up.

06-20-2001 9:41 AM

We go to the Perd alot. It's da good butta! Your welcome to come with us sometime if ya want.

is this the perdanales river? 06-25-2001 12:04 PM

what launch do you ussually use when you go to the perd. I always board on lake austin and never even heard of the perd (is this the perdanales river?) <BR> <BR>how do you get there from 620 and 2222? <BR>thanks!

07-10-2001 3:16 PM

To put in on the perd take 71 west to Pace Bend RD. Go down Pace Bend to Old Ferry Rd all the way to the end. There is a private boat launch there. $5 to launch. Go left up the perd to find the best butter!!!

07-11-2001 10:44 AM

yeah left to the bridge...

07-29-2001 10:48 AM

It's nice out at Pace bend, they have quick ramps and it's good water, smooth and warm. Unlike lake austin where there's waaay too many boats and it's way too rough. there was only maybe 1/2 a mile of smooth water yesterday. Travis is the way to go around austin.

08-03-2001 4:57 AM

the water is much nicer on the perd then any part of lake travis.

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