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shaun_murray 08-20-2008 12:57 PM

My new board graphic features the recycle arrows, but with the top arrow in an "M", kinda cool. The reason for it is kind of two fold, first and foremost, we are going to put money from each board toward a "green" charity/organization that is working towards minimizing our carbon footprint. I am looking for your opinion on what organization it should go to. <BR>Some people are going to be into it and some are going to either make fun of it with jokes or point out how wakeboarding isn't the most environmentally friendly activity. Let's not get into that discussion too much here. <BR>The other reason for the recycle arrows is the "Pay It Forward" program. you know, the boards I send around the country for people to demo and all they have to do is ride it, sign it, say something in the journal and ship it to the next person. <BR>Gotta work on execution for next years program, but believe me, it will happen. <BR>So start with your suggestions and post em up. Hyperlite set up an email address you can send suggestions to. <a href="mailto:cleanwater@hyperlite.com">cleanwater@ hyperlite.com</a> <BR>but you can put suggestions up here as well.

helix_rider 08-20-2008 1:04 PM

I support The Nature Conservancy (see link) <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.nature.org/" target="_blank">http://www.nature.org/</a> <BR> <BR>Some of the best times in my life, wakeboarding or snowboarding or camping or hiking, occurred in areas that was set aside to not be 'harmed' by the building nature of mankind. Freshwater is one of their 7 conservation initiatives, so I think it would fit in nicely with your clean water theme. It is also a recognized charity that provides legitimacy for a big company like Hyperlite. <BR> <BR>Thanks for thinking about future generations of wakeboarders...I have a little one on the way who I would love to see have clean water when she gets older.

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