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dudeman 08-20-2008 6:46 AM

Bought a pair of '08 size 10 from an online authorized dealer since there is not a Ronix dealer in the area. I wear a 9 1/2 wide, so I ordered the 10. Glad I did because my big toe is touching the end of the binding. Since there is not a dealer locally, I can't get the liners heat molded to my foot. Will these break in even without the heated form fit? I haven't put a set on them yet, just tried them on in the house. Seems to be quite a bit of heel lift also. Not sure there is enough room in the heal to install the J Bars having a wide foot. Should I just bag these and go back to the Hyperlite 3DS? Thanks.

j_money 08-20-2008 9:24 AM

DUDE!!!!! LOOSE those things!!! The ones are the sickest lookin boot out there and thats where it stops!!! I cannot tell you enough how much those bindings SUCK!!! Between heel lift, flexing base plates, broken laces, and just all around frustration the ones are garbage!!!! The 3DS on the other hand... one of the best CT boots on the market IMO. Zero heel lift, good support, release on falls making knee and ankle injuries less of a problem..... 3DS!!!!!! OVER AND OVER!!!

wakex2wake 08-20-2008 9:28 AM

I like my Ronix Cells and have a few friends w/ ones and they love theirs too... they move a little but i like it now that i'm used to it... most comfy boots out there hands down... i didn't mold mine and they broke in nicely after about 2 sets

pfort 08-20-2008 11:22 AM

I went from the Ronix ones to the LF Shanes. Much better heel hold and the Jbars are built in on the Shanes. Shanes are made for a more narrow footbed, but the Watsons may be a good fit for your foot. They felt about the same to me except the Shanes locked my heel in a bit more. I tried the 3ds and liked the heel hold, but they are too high and were cutting into my calves. The biggest problem I had with the ones were the side to side movement of my heel. Also the liner in the 08's can apart after the stitching undid itself. Once the ones break in the get very loose on a narrow foot. Good luck as finding the right binding makes a world of difference in riding those longer sets!

ord27 08-20-2008 1:34 PM

Watsons hurt my wide foot <BR>mine are, in fact, back in the box <BR> <BR>I am looking for a pair of ct that fit a wide foot also <BR> <BR>thanks for posting this Randy <BR>I guess I will stay away from the Shanes and Ones and possibly try the 3ds <BR> <BR>have I got that right guys? <BR>3ds CT for a wide foot? <BR> <BR>(Message edited by ord27 on August 20, 2008)

dudeman 08-20-2008 1:40 PM

Yeah Cliff, 3DS work for me. I sold mine to a buddy of mine, but he agreed to give them back and I'll give him the Ones. He has narrow feet. I just bought my son the Ones and he loves them, but he has narrow feet also. So far out of every binding I've tried, the 3DS are the best for wide feet. I have a size 9 1/2-10 foot EEE and wear the M/L.

j_money 08-20-2008 3:49 PM


stephan 08-20-2008 4:30 PM

Cliff I have a retarded fat wide foot. Look at the CWB Zeus or Answer, they fit incredibly comfortable out of the box and the toe piece is very soft. If you size em right you will never slide around them at all. Plus they are more durable than the competition.

dudeman 08-20-2008 5:08 PM

Big Heavy, I swore the Zues were for narrow feet. Not sure why I thought that. That's too bad because the Zues look killer.

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