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gerald_carson 08-20-2008 4:31 AM

Looking for possible joint venture partner who can design and develop a wake sports website. If interested, please email your info and experience to <a href="mailto:gpcarson@gmail.com">gpcarson@gmail.co m</a>

proimages 10-20-2008 9:14 PM

In Progress on one right now, want to join up?? <BR>WakeSurfSkate.com <BR>cheers <BR>Darrin

shanrox 03-28-2009 9:50 AM

Do you guys need any help with your HTML/css? I've been an HTML and software engineer for walmart.com for 8.5 years and like to keep my eye out for side work. Let me know! Shannon 925.285.5566

wakereviews 03-28-2009 10:53 AM

Sorry for the hijack but figured I'd just add here rather than start a new thread....I would like to 2nd that I need some design help for OIB as well. Basically just some page layout type stuff, nothing major.

anodyne 04-29-2009 2:30 PM

Graphic designer here... sadly, I don't do any dev-backend <i>but</i> I've got guys I work with who do. <BR> <BR>I've got background designing in both the wake/watersports and advertising industries... Check out my super-simple site for samples: <a href="http://www.bengifford.com" target="_blank">www.bengifford.com</a>.

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