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sarahdanny 08-20-2008 12:48 AM

So, I've been wakeboarding a total of two times now. I got up no problem on my very first try, but I can't stay up. I have successfully gotten outside of the wake once and then I immediately did a face plant. It feels like the board kind of slips and slides underneath me and then I fall... Please give me some tips!

saraj 08-20-2008 1:34 AM

If you let go with your back hand it will straighten you out to the boat and you shouldn't feel like you're slipping around so much. Also much sure that your hips are up and shoulders are back so that you have the most control over the board. Being hunched over will have a tendency to make you tired and also pull you down. <BR> <BR>Most of all practice makes perfect. The more that you ride the better you will get and the less issues you will have with this! <BR> <BR>(Message edited by saraj on August 20, 2008)

08-20-2008 12:46 PM

agree with the hunched over comment. chest up and handle to your front hip.

tobs2 08-20-2008 4:11 PM

Hey all just thought I would join in and see if I can help....all the advice here so far is very good!! If I was to say what has helped people on my boat when I am teaching people here are a few things: 1) make sure that your handle positions is good, keep the handle low never higher then your chest, also keep i in a relaxed positions with your arms bent a little bit so the boat is not pulling you over the top of your board. 2) make sure that your hips are rolled forward (belly button to the sky) and shoulders back.....you do not want to be broken at the waist. 3) make sure that your knee's are rolled forward a bit you do not want to have your knee's locked...you do not have to have them bent alot but just a bit so you can use them as a shock absorber and suck up some of the chop and things. 4) And one that will help you on just carving or later on jumping if you choose, make sure that you are not looking at the back of the boat, always look shoreline to shoreline, when you turn left look at left shoreline, move the handle just a little bit to the left and look left you will go that way and on edge like you need to, it will be the same info for going to the right. I know this is alot of info but just try one thing at a time and progress that way....then do the next one.....you have to crawl before you walk right..... Have a good one...hope this will save you some pain!! T.

sarahdanny 08-30-2008 8:17 PM

Thanks for the help! I just went out again today and I have to say that it's getting easier. I did have a pretty crappy face plant trying to come back over the wake toe-side. But, other then that I was pleased with my progress.

aliwake 08-31-2008 7:17 PM

another thing that makes the board feel slippery, is if you have too much weight on one leg (usually back leg). This means that the front fin is totally out of the water, so the board skips around. make sure your weight is pretty even on both legs, and it might be a bit easier to control the board. <BR>The other common reason is your legs may be too straight and or stiff. Your knees need to be bent, but also soft, so that you absorb any bumps in the water. if your legs are stiff when you hit bumps in the water the board will start skipping around uncontrollably.

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