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rj_jr 08-18-2008 8:47 AM

To begin, I have been riding for the past two summers and can successfully go wake to wake both regular and switch, and I can do ollies, and surface 180s. I have ridden a LF fish 133 the past two summers, but am now looking for a new board. I am 6'1" and weigh 165. I have ridden the CWB faction but I am completely open to new suggestions. Thanks for your time ahead of time.

jarrod 08-18-2008 8:54 AM

There are a lot of great boards out there. The CWB Transcend, Pure, and Kink are all boards that are beginner friendly, but are also great for advanced riders.

andy_nintzel 08-18-2008 9:16 AM


wakevb 08-18-2008 9:24 AM

I just went from the fish to the 2008 Shane...GREAT move for me. I am 5'10" about 165 as well...the added length you may enjoy, with much of the ride you are used to.

yo123 08-18-2008 9:24 AM

Would you like to sell your Fish

wakevb 08-18-2008 12:19 PM

Tyler, not sure if you were talking to him or me, but I sold mine the first day I put it up for sale man...sorry! There is a guy trying to sell one on DCwake for $40 plus shipping I believe.

number55 08-18-2008 12:28 PM

I highly recommend either the ronix frontier or mana. The mana would be great for someone still trying to dial in their style due to the removable center fin. Trust me you'd love either board.

rj_jr 08-18-2008 3:04 PM

Tyler, I'm not going to sell the fish cuz I am going to keep it on the boat for friends to use

rob_s 08-18-2008 3:38 PM

RJ, don't do it, I went from beginner board, sold that, then intermediate, sold that and now have a Watson 142 board, I weight 188 and am 5:11". Just get the Liquid Force Watson, don't hesitate a bit, spend the money, 100% worth it, carves smooth, good speed, and the pop off the wake is amazing with BUTTER smooth landings that are unbelievable. You'll be getting good air and end up out in the flats with super smooth landings every time! <BR> <BR>As noted above the LF Shane is rated highly as well! Go to www.wakeworld.com and read the reviews. Both the LF Watson and Shane are rated top 3 best boards for 07, you won't be dissapointed. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by rob_s on August 18, 2008)

wakeviolater 08-18-2008 3:58 PM

hyperlite BSIDE!!!

helix_rider 08-18-2008 4:22 PM

Wait a couple days, watch boardersbestbuy.com, and when you see a price you like, see what people think of the board and snatch it up if it fits your style. A B-Side was under 200 bones the other day!

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