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skateonwater564 08-13-2008 10:41 AM

i see photos all over the place of people winching and i am dying to try it, drive around for a day and winch everywhere i see, what could be better. but i have no idea how to get the money for a winch, anyone know any good ways to make money? im too young for a job

wakemitch 08-13-2008 10:47 AM

<a href="http://www.theberrics.com/dailyopspost.php?postid=133" target="_blank">http://www.theberrics.com/dailyopspost.php?postid=133</a>

skateonwater564 08-13-2008 6:00 PM


eviltweak 08-13-2008 9:00 PM

what the heck is that site about im in the same position

wakemitch 08-13-2008 9:46 PM

its a skateboard site run by steve berra and eric koston. check out the bangin section, they throw down! but you have to love the buttery ass mondays, so funny and always good advice on how to step up your hustlin

scott_a 08-13-2008 9:47 PM

Get yo hustle on....hah! That link is AWESOME!

skateonwater564 08-14-2008 1:52 AM

hahah thanks fellas

waketx05 08-15-2008 3:14 AM

hey bro.. 15 is old enough to have a job... mow yards... go bust tables at a resturant.. they hire 15 year olds... just a thought

skateonwater564 08-15-2008 9:29 PM

i got a couple more months til 15, mowing lawns i havent thought about, thanks dude

lovin_the_wake 08-21-2008 7:41 AM

Creighton, I have about $800 in my winch they can be made on the cheap if you can do some fabrication and welding

skateonwater564 08-21-2008 7:55 AM

thanks montgomery

themxercr85 09-21-2008 2:59 PM

how did u not think of mowing lawns! you can make bank doin that, think about it, if you charge even 20 bucks a lawn thats $20 in around an hour. Washing cars too that gets you some doe. thats what i do man.

skateonwater564 09-21-2008 6:56 PM

sick profile pic twitch!

element8456 09-21-2008 8:18 PM

I mow lawns all round my negbhood i made over 3,000 last year. Thats enough for a winch i assume. I mow 11 lawns some are off and own though but it super easy. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by element8456 on September 21, 2008)

themxercr85 10-02-2008 12:45 PM

Thanks creighton!

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