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strizzo360 08-07-2008 9:11 PM

I am looking to buy a video camera and was basically looking for some advice. I hear that mini dv is the best way to go as of now and hard drive is a bad idea. any advice on companies, price ranges, etc would be key, thanks.

jaybee 08-12-2008 3:43 PM

I am looking for this information as well. Looking to spend between $1000 - $1500 on a camera. Barry, I am curious as to why hard drive is a bad idea? I was considering going with a hdd camera. <BR> <BR>Any input is greatly appreciated.

wakeboardern1 08-12-2008 5:28 PM

People say that HDD cameras tend to not do so well around moisture, and also because of the moving parts, have a higher probability of mechanical failure... <BR> <BR>Plus the constant deletion and formation of files on an HDD camera will cause fragmentation in the HD similar to a computer's HD. <BR> <BR>However, if you're looking for an HD camcorder for a reasonable price, look for the Canon HV20 I believe. I have a Canon HG-10 HDD HD camera, and it's worked really well so far, but if I remember correctly, the HV-20 is the same except it's mini DV or something like that. It has removable storage.

richd 08-12-2008 7:15 PM

The HV20 is an HDV based unit which records to miniDV tape while the HG-10 uses AVCHD compression and records to a HDD. Make sure your editor supports AVCHD is some fashion if you go that route.

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